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Fitted sheets instead of replacement dog bed covers - for cats too!       

Grace on Woof

"Why wash the whole dog bed coveR WHEN ONLY THE TOP IS DIRTY?"

Hi -- I'm The Grace Girl, Mom's eight-year-old 70-pound "puppy." Mom said my love for rolling in really stinky, dirty things inspired her to create Waggletops, our snuggly "fitted sheet" covers for dog and cat beds!

Here's why they're cool:

  • Waggletops cover only the parts dogs and cats use -- the top and sides of the bed -- which also happen to be the only parts we get dirty!
  • They work like an adjustable fitted sheet. Waggletops are held on by an elastic cord that hides underneath the bed. Pull on the elastic cord to cinch the fabric down to tailor the cover to fit your bed. Then set the little toggle clip to anchor the cord and keep everything in place. It's easy. 
  Top of bed Bottom of bed

Top of bed Bottom of bed

  • Waggletops take about 15 seconds to put on the bed. No wrestling with out of control stuffing, stuck zippers, or sticky velcro.  Just pop it on as you would put a fitted sheet on a bed. And they stay put, unlike a blanket or throw that can easily become messy.

  • We have two fabric types: fleece because, well, speaking on behalf of dogs and cats, we love the fabric! It's snuggly. And they come in a lightweight organic cotton/recycled plastic bottle polyester blend that's perfect for summer! Both wash and dry quickly, which means you won't dread our beds on cleaning day. 

  • We can keep our favorite beds. Please don't throw out a bed that we've worked long and hard to get "just right."  Keep it out of the landfill by sprucing it up with a Waggletop.  They come in three sizes - small, medium and large - and two shapes:  round and rectangle. 
  • And, with Waggletops, a dog or cat bed can look like it actually belongs in the house!  Mom calls it "pet bed dress up," and she's got a bunch of colors and cute prints to choose from.
Mom has Waggletops in shelters, with foster and rescue groups, veterinarians, pet boarding places, realtors, and yep, even regular families, so you know they're good stuff.

And, for your pal that needs a little "extra help," but still wants something snuggly to rest on, we even have a waterproof liner that you can put underneath the fleece Waggletop.  It's great!

You can see a Waggletops demo in the video to the right (and meet my mom, Beth!).
 Then there are two steps: 1) figure out what size you need, and 2) have fun shopping!  

GG at Wickiup PlainsSo here's to the pet in your family who lives a big, messy, full-of-life life!  You are my kind of 4-legged. And for those of you who are a little more refined, well, we think you'll love Waggletops too, because they are made just for you, with love, in our little cottage in the forest in Bend, Oregon.

Love, sloppy, drooly licks, kisses, and all,

The Grace Girl (GG)

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"I didn't know how much I needed a Waggletop until I bought one.  Now I don't know how we ever lived without it!"
-Debbie, a repeat customer

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