What size Waggletop do I need?

The only way to know the proper size is to measure from "floor-to-floor." Click here for easy instructions.

It's crazy, but dog beds do not come in standard sizes. The tag on your bed may say "large," but that just means it's the biggest bed that particular manufacturer makes. The same size bed may be a "small" from another vendor.

So, please take a few minutes to measure.  It's simple, quick, and will ensure you get the right size from the start!  :) 

Fleece or Poly-Cotton? I'm not sure.

Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each of the dog bed cover fabrics.

FLEECE: People are usually surprised when I tell them this, but 95% of all Waggletops sold are the fleece fitted sheet covers. The dogs just love them. And, they wash and dry so quickly, don't fade, and add a little pizzazz to your pup's favorite bed - what's not to like?

The hair, you say? Well, depending on the dog and type of hair, yes, a bit may be leftover after the Waggletop dog bed cover is washed. On the flip side, the prints generally hide dirt and hair better than the solid colors. (And as one of my customers said, "It's their bed - I don't care as long as the hair is clean!")

POLY-COTTON: The poly-cotton is a good weight - not the super heavy twill material that takes forever to dry - but still significantly heavier than a sheet on your own bed. I tested dozens (and I mean dozens!) of fabrics before I settled on this one. The poly-cotton Waggletops are durable, easy to wash, and just as easy to use as the fleece sheets. I'm not able to get any prints in the fabric I need, yet, which is why I only have solid colors at the moment.

DOGS: Some dogs like the poly-cotton sheets better in the summer, but Grace prefers her soft fleece covers year round. She told me it's because she's sleeping on "top" of them, not underneath them as you would with a blanket. When put side-by-side, most dogs head for the fleece.

YOU: So, it's really personal preference. I always say, use your own intuition and go with your gut. You know best what will work best for your needs, and keep you and your pup happy!


I have a dog who is incontinent. Do you have anything waterproof?


YES! I have a waterproof dog bed liner that solves a multitude of problems. They're terrific for dogs with incontinence issues. Fleas are baffled because they can't penetrate the fabric and burrow into your dog's bed. Got a stinky dog bed because your dog loves to swim? No problem. Waggletops waterproof liners can extend the life of any dog's favorite bed - and keep it out of the landfill.

This Waggletop is named for Max, a distinguished hunk of a love Springer Spaniel that had some "issues" as he aged. His discomfort (and big brown eyes) inspired me to help, and the Waggletops waterproof liner was born.

Max, a brown and white springer spaniel dog, looking up a the camera while sitting on his black fleece Waggletops with red dog houses.

THE FABRIC:  This is truly a waterproof dog bed liner. Not water-resistant, but WATERPROOF - 75% vinyl, 25% polyester. The fabric is used in the medical, veterinary and food industry and is made in Canada. It's free from BPA, phthalates, lead and brominates. And it will remain waterproof after 200+ washes if the laundry instructions are followed. Pretty sweet.

HOW TO USE:  The waterproof liners are designed to be used underneath a fleece or poly-cotton Waggletop. The top layer provides comfort, the waterproof layer below protects the bed. And since these are Waggletops, they work like an adjustable fitted sheet, making them easy to pull off and wash.

HOW TO CLEAN:  When dirty, pull the fleece or poly-cotton fitted sheet off, and throw it in the wash. Then you can either wipe down the waterproof liner with a mild cleaner or put it in the washer as well. Do NOT use any chlorine bleach, cleaning solvents or spot cleaners. Do NOT use a hot dryer. If you do put your waterproof liner in the dryer, make sure it is on cool or warm setting with a short cool down period at the end. (Full washing instructions are included in the package.)

SIZING:  I've made the waterproof liners about 2" bigger than the fleece and poly-cotton covers. This gives them a little extra overlap underneath the bed.


What about fleas?

Yep, got it covered. See the question above. The waterproof liners also act as a flea-barrier so the little buggers can't burrow into your dog's bed!


My dog is hard on beds - digs, chews . . . will Waggletops work?

I've heard many stories about how a dog's behavior changed once a Waggletop was put on their favorite bed. I'll share what I've learned here.


Dogs like to "fluff up" their space, so some of their bed digging is quite natural. After selling a lot of Waggletops to customers who needed replacement covers , I realized that the majority of those were for for torn covers on orthopedic dog beds. And then it dawned on me - the ortho beds are often rather hard until the dog's body heat softens them up. So, if your pup has an orthopedic bed and likes to dig, that might be why.

Will Waggletops hold up to the challenge? It depends on how rowdy the digging gets! The poly-cotton fitted sheets may be better if your pup consistently digs. But, Grace has slept on her favorite fleece Waggletop for four-plus years now, and it's still holding up, even with some occasional fluffing!

One thing I've heard over and over is how a dog's behavior changed once a fleece Waggletop was put on their bed. They stopped digging. They stopped sleeping on the couch, preferring their own bed. Rescues and fosters calmed down. Really. It surprised the heck out of me when people first started telling me these stories, but now I know better than to be surprised by anything relating to these magical little dog bed covers!


This is tricky. I’ve been told by a few customers that covering the visible seams of the bed with a Waggletop stopped this kind of behavior. That seemed odd to me, but then Grace tears up her toys when she’s really stressed, and goes straight for the seams, so maybe there is something to this. Since Waggletops don't have seams, it could be that there isn't the same temptation.

Every dog is different though, so if you want to try a Waggletop that’s great, but please use common sense and do NOT leave your dog (or your child) unsupervised until you are certain they will leave the Waggletop intact. We don’t want anyone swallowing fabric or the elastic cord or toggle.

My intention is for Waggletops to bring comfort and ease to your pet, and to you. Use your intuition when deciding if Waggletops might be good for your pup. You do know best.


Are Waggletops really machine wash and dry? It's that easy?

Yep! Waggletops fitted sheets are designed to be easy to wash - because that means they get washed more often!

  • Warm wash and then a warm dryer for 20 - 30 minutes will usually do the trick.
  • Please don't overdry though, as it is tough on the elastic.
  • The waterproof liners can also be washed, but there are a couple guidelines to follow. You can find them under the question about incontinence/waterproof above. Also, I put the same instructions in each package.

About the inevitable dog hair:

Grace is a good shedder, so I generally give her Waggletops a quick vacuum and a hard shake before tossing them in the washer. Since hair will get dislodged during the wash/dry cycles, it's best to wash your Waggletops alone. (Lesson learned the hard way.)

I think people who have dogs as part of their family have accepted the fact that dog hair comes with the territory. Most people are so grateful to have a clean cover on their dog's bed with minimal effort, that any remaining bits of hair are not a problem. (Plus, the hair is clean!)


Why do you use elastic cord? Can I shorten it and/or get rid of the toggle?

I wanted to create a highly adjustable, fitted sheet cover, that would work with a variety of dog beds.

Unlike human beds, dog beds have no standard sizes.

Using an elastic cord with a toggle allows you to customize the fit of the Waggletop to your dog's unique bed.

  • Cinch the cord as tight as you need it to be to tailor the fit to your pup's favorite bed. With this flexibility, you won't end up with a cover that is either too tight and "bows" the bed, or is too loose and looks sloppy.
  • The toggle/elastic combo also allows you to loosen the cord to make it easier to pull the Waggletop off of the bed and wash - or even use on a different bed.

Yes, the cord can be shortened if you don't need the full length.

  • If you'd rather remove the toggle, that can be done too, once you determine how much cord you need to make the Waggletop work with your dog's bed.

All instructions for adjusting the elastic are included in the package with your cover.


Will they cover platform beds or crate mats?

Grace, a black dog, on the front porch, sitting on her platform bed with a Waggletop.

Yep. Waggletops are terrific as platform bed covers. Grace has one on the front porch, and they're also used by a lot of shelters and rescue organizations. Since these fitted sheet style covers are adjustable, you can cinch them down to fit snugly. They keep the bed tidy, yet provide soft comfort to the pup. And of course, they're super easy to wash and dry.

As for crate mat covers - who wouldn't want a snazzy cover that fits their dog's personality (and yours!). I have a lot of agility dogs with travel kennels decked out in very cute Waggletops, as well darling crates being used in the home.


Will you always have these fabrics and prints?

Yes and no.

Yes on the Poly-Cotton and Everyday Fleece Waggletops. I can generally keep these fitted sheet covers in stock as my fabric suppliers are pretty consistent with their inventory.

But, no on the Designer Fleece prints.

I get these fabrics from a variety of places, and since many of these prints are limited editions, I can't guarantee I will have any of the printed dog bed covers in stock for very long.

The good thing is, it keeps the selections fresh and stylish, and the Waggletops very unique. Many times I can only get enough of a fabric for one or two Waggletops, but the prints are so darn cute that I have to get it anyway! So, if you see something you like, please don't wait.


What if I see a Designer Fleece print that I like, but you don't have it in the size that I need?

All of the Designer Fleece print Waggletops are made to order. That means, sometimes I can shift my fabric stock to accommodate your Waggletops request. Please contact me and I'll do my best to work it out.


Are Waggletops made in the USA?

Waggletops are sewn with love in Bend, Oregon.

But, just because they are sewn here, does not mean I can say they are "Made in the USA."

The law is pretty specific about this.

It reads, "For a product to be called Made in USA, or claimed to be of domestic origin without qualifications or limits on the claim, the product must be all or virtually all made in the U.S."

It further states, "All or virtually all means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content."

Most fabrics of all kinds are now imported. Some are made overseas and "finished" in the US, but most of the initial manufacturing is done outside of the US.

Since fabric is the largest component of a Waggletop, and it is foreign content, I cannot say they are made in the USA.

I didn't understand this originally, which is why you may have purchased a Waggletop with a "Made in USA" tag inside before I did my research. Now that you know the law, you'll see that many other products are not using the "Made in USA" claim properly, as well.

What I can say is that all Waggletops are sewn with love in Bend, Oregon.

I deeply believe in the power of community, and in keeping as much manufacturing in the good ol’ USA as possible.

Bend, Oregon was named DogTown USA in 2012 and we proudly live up to our reputation. Once a bolt of fabric reaches Bend, anyone who has anything to do with Waggletops from then on is a seriously crazy dog lover who lives, and works, right here in the USA - including our mail carrier!


How soon will my Waggletops ship?

I do my best to get Waggletops in the mail within a day or two of the order being received.

Designer fleece Waggletops are sewn to order, and will take a little longer.

You will receive an email from the carrier when your Waggletops are on their way.

In most cases, I use good old U.S. Post Office Priority Mail, which takes only 2-3 days from the Waggletops shop to your doorstep. Larger orders will come via FedEx Ground.


Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes, international shipping is available for Waggletops. So far, our sweet little fitted sheets are gracing dog beds in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Israel. (Yes, how fun!)

However, my website isn't set up to handle an overseas purchase because the shipping can be complicated, and I want to make sure your Waggletops travel in the most economical fashion!

If you would please send me an email with your request, I'll reply right away and we'll figure this out together. Many thanks.


What about returns? And what's a "Human Kindness Request"?

I want you, and your dog(s), to be 100% satisfied with your Waggletops.

Nothing leaves the shop without an extra look – and a wish from Grace and me for the best for you and your favorite pal.

My Human Kindness Request

If you are unhappy with your Waggletop, for any reason, please contact me by email or phone (541) 480-0034, so that, if possible, I can make it right.

Thoughtful feedback is super important to me – positive or negative. I listen and I learn from my customers, and I'm always grateful when people make the extra effort to provide their input and ask questions instead of using social media to air their frustrations. It's my personal code of ethics, and I hope it is yours too. It just makes the world a better place when we work together - and it's way more fun!

Returning a Waggletop

If you do feel the need to return your Waggletop, I will refund your purchase price, minus a $8 shipping cost per item. I would appreciate an email heads-up so that I can be on the look-out for it. Please include your invoice number, so that I can process your refund to the same method that was used for your payment.

Here’s our mailing address. You may want to insure your package as well. Thank you.

2660 NE Hwy 20
Suite 610-414
Bend, OR 97701


Are Waggletops sold in stores?

Nope. At this point, our fitted sheet dog bed covers are not available in stores.

You can only buy Waggletops online.

The full selection of products is on our website, which is where you are now.


Can I submit photos of my dog on his/her Waggletop for your website or other media?

Absolutely - I LOVE dog photos!

Pictures of dogs and their Waggletops dog bed covers are one of my favorite parts about this fun little business.

You're also welcome to send pix of YOU with your pup, or any other shot you particularly adore - whether your pal is out in the woods or being a couch potato!

Please email your pix to me with a note that says it's OK for Waggletops to use your dog’s photo on our website or in other media. If you don't include the note, I'm going to assume your submission means you are OK with that, as well.

And, if you have a caption, comment, funny or sweet story, I'd love that too! Many thanks!













Measure your dog's bed from "floor-to-floor."
Then use these charts to find your size.
(Additional diagrams are below.)
ROUND "floor-to-floor" ORDER
21" - 33" Small Round
33" - 44" Medium Round
44" - 54" Large Round
RECTANGLE "floor-to-floor" ORDER
Up to 32" x 44" Small Rectangle
Up to 44" x 54" Medium Rectangle
Up to 54" x 68" Large Rectangle



For Round Beds

Measure your dog's bed from "floor-to-floor."  Then use the charts below to find your size.Drawing of how to measure a round dog bed with bolsters for a Waggletop dog bed cover sheet.

For Rectangle Beds

Drawing of how to measure a rectangle dog bed for a Waggletop fitted sheet cover.Drawing of how to measure a rectangle dog bed with bolsters for a Waggletop fitted sheet cover.