Happy Dogs + Clean Dog Beds = Happy Pet Parents!



Gus, a yellow lab on a black and white flowered Waggletop."Here's a pix of my sweetie Gus enjoying his new Waggletop here in Houston. I had been using old sheets to cover his 2 beds but they didn't stay on well & always looked messy. So I googled "sheets for dog beds" and there you were! Doesn't this pattern look nice? It will be so convenient to just pop it in the wash. Thank you!" ~Pamela


Bo, a white Great Dane puppy, asleep on a green, blue and black reed printed fleece Waggletop.


"Beth, creator of the Waggletops . . . the amount of time you have saved me with your covers especially witih two baby boys in the house is priceless!" ~ Jeffrey, Angels with Misplaced Wings


Capone, a German Shepherd on a olive green Waggletop"Hi Beth, I have been training and breeding German Shepherds for 24 years and have had every bed imaginable, and 9 times out of 10 the bed would win when I put the clean cover back on. I was so sick of fighting with beds that I looked into baby crib fitted sheets with no avail. Then I found your site and ordered one of your fitted covers and all my dog bed cover problems were over. Well worth every penny and it's so easy to wash and dry and put back on in seconds. Thanks again for saving me from fighting one more round with the dog bed lol . . . Great product, fast service . . . I will be recommending your product. Thanks again." ~ Karmen


Bones, a big yellow labrador dog, asleep on a Northwest cabin printed fleece Waggletops - with gray and slate blue patches of moose, cabins and trees."Our dog who refused to sleep on a dog bed (preferring to hump it) has decided that the Waggletop cover made these beds the *best*place*ever* and is fighting the normal dog over time on the bed. So, we've had to buy another dog bed and, of course, another Waggletop cover. All the best." ~ Matti


Arthur the black Great Dane on a red Waggletop with black pawprints."Arthur LOVES his new Waggletop cover! THANK YOU!" ~ Kristeen


V.P., a red-blonde fluffy chow dog asleep on a Gracie Girl Waggletops dog bed cover in his bolster bed."The Waggletops are working out great . . . Ninja and V.P. both love them. The Waggletops seem to have so much presence, that we actually find ourselves now referring to their beds as their 'Waggletops,' as in 'go lie down on your Waggletop.' Strange, but true. Thanks!" ~ Jason


Sam, a Dalmatian mix, white and black dog, asleep on a green couch with cushions covered in tan fleece Waggletops."They aren't just for dog beds. Well, I suppose they are dog beds in the sense that dogs sleep on them. I'm afraid most of our dog beds have 'exploded.' It even happened to a couch cushion, but my husband brought home a new piece of foam, and replaced it. Works great." ~ Jody, Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound


Amber, a black retired racing Greyhound with a red collar, asleep on a sage green Waggletop fleece dog bed cover."My new greyhound really enjoys her Waggletops cover. She is a shy girl and seems to get a lot of comfort from the soft fleece. The cover washes very well and keeps its shape too." ~ Maggie


Chloe, a brown bulldog, asleep on a green and tan plaid fleece Waggletop dog bed fitted sheet."Hi Beth, we received our cover in the mail yesterday. It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! It fits and looks even better than I imagined." ~ Meghan


Nessa, Rogan and Bain, three big, fluffy australian shepherd dogs asleep on multi-colored orange fleece Waggletop dog beds."I just have to let you know that the dogs and I are LOVING the new Waggletops. We live on a farm and there are all kinds of yuck, dirty things that the dogs get into on a daily basis. Whether it is just dirt and muck, or they decide to go for a swim in the pond, I never have to stress out about them ruining their beds anymore. We just pull the Waggletops off, throw them in the wash and voila, beds that look and smell like new! You have saved us so much time and money now that we don't have to buy new beds every year or two. My pups love to snuggle up on the beds and seem so content. When we first got them, we only brought home 2 of them and ordered the 3rd. The dogs all wanted to lay on the beds with the new Waggletops and none of them wanted to lay on the one without. My Nessa, Rogan, Bain and I are so very grateful for this product. Thank you!" ~ Tara