Marnie, a golden retriever dog after a swim.The Waggletops *I Love Treats* program is a great way to earn points for future purchases, or to help the dog rescue of your choice.

Sign up and start filling your treat jar! 

Points will automatically accumulate through website magic.  Just log in when you shop.  Then click on the "I Love Treats" pop-up tab and follow the prompts.

Earn Treat Points

    • Create a Treats Account = 200 Points
    • Spend $1 = 10 Treat Points
    • Refer a Pal = 500 Points to you when your pal makes their first purchase
    • Happy Dog Birthday = 200 Points

      Redeem Treat Points

        • 500 Points = $5 Coupon
        • 1,000 Points = $10 Coupon
        • 2,500 Points = $25 Coupon
        • 5,000 Points = $50 Coupon
        • Donate 5,000 Points to your favorite rescue = I'll donate 5,000 Points to them too!*

          *To Donate Points: 

          Have your rescue open their own Waggletops *I Love Treats* account. 

          When you earn 5,000 Points, you'll receive a coupon code.  Send me an email with the coupon code and the name of your favorite rescue.  I'll transfer your 5,000 Treat Points into their account, along with another 5,000 Points from me and Grace.  The rescue can then use those points to purchase the Waggletops dog bed sheets that they need. 

          Let's give some comfort to the rescue pups waiting for their new family - and help those caring for them until that happy day!  Thank you!

          Love & Waggles,

          Beth & Grace

          SIZE CHART

          Measure your dog's bed from "floor-to-floor."
          Then use these charts to find your size.
          (Additional diagrams are below.)
          ROUND "floor-to-floor" ORDER
          21" - 33" Small Round
          33" - 44" Medium Round
          44" - 54" Large Round
          RECTANGLE "floor-to-floor" ORDER
          Up to 32" x 44" Small Rectangle
          Up to 44" x 54" Medium Rectangle
          Up to 54" x 68" Large Rectangle



          For Round Beds

          Measure your dog's bed from "floor-to-floor."  Then use the charts below to find your size.Drawing of how to measure a round dog bed with bolsters for a Waggletop dog bed cover sheet.

          For Rectangle Beds

          Drawing of how to measure a rectangle dog bed for a Waggletop fitted sheet cover.Drawing of how to measure a rectangle dog bed with bolsters for a Waggletop fitted sheet cover.